Fire Alarm Detection System Supplier and Installation

Welding Transformer,400 Amps 10 Nos
Welding Transformer,20000 Amps 10 Nos
Welding Copper cable,400 Amps 500 meters
Welding Aluminum Cale,400 Amps 1000 meters
D.G set 25 KVA,as construction power 3 Nos
D.G set 15 KVA,as construction power 5 Nos
Extended Board 15 ampx3x2.5 mm2 copper cable 2500 meters
Chain blok3MT capacity for lifting of materials 5 Nos
06" Pulley with Manila Rope 800 meters
Welding Helmet With Black & White Glasses 50 Nos
Lather Welding Hand Gloves 50 Nos
Gas Cutting Set With Oxygen &
DA Pipe with 60Mtrs Long Set
10 sets
Pipe Cutting Machine, Dewalt &
Bosch Make 220 Volt, Single Phase
Grinding Machine 4" Dewalt Make
With Necessary Connection Cable
20 Nos
Grinding machine 4" Bosch make with
necessary connection cable
25 Nos
4" Concrete Cutting Machine With
Necessary With Cable Dewalt Make
5 Nos
Concrete Breaker, 16 kgs, Bosch Make
with necessary connection cable
5 Set
Concrete Breaker, 10 kgs, Dewalt Make
with necessary connection cable
5 Set
25mm Drill machine with hammer, Bosch
make with connection cable
25 Nos
25mm Drill Machine with hammer, Dewalt
make with connection
20 Nos
25 mm Drill machine with hammer, Electrex
make with connection cable
25 Nos
Hydraulic pump set, Manual operation 5 Set
Hydraulic pump set, Motorized operation 5 Set
Aluminum Ladder, 10ft Height 12 Nos
Wooden Ladder, 12ft Height 14 Nos
Steel Lifting Rope 25 Mm Dia, 2 Mtr Long 10 Nos
Chain type pipe wrench 36" 20 Nos
Pipe Wrench 18" 18 Nos
Pipe Wrench 12" 18 Nos
Pipe Wrench 8" 18 Nos
Ring & De-Spanner Set 42-40 to 4-5 mm 18 Set
Box spanner Set 4 mm to 36 mm 10 Set
Screw driver, Center Punch, Hammer,
Chisel, Tester, Plus, Adjusting Spanner
10 Nos Each
Safety Helmet, ISI Mark 56 Nos
Safety Belt Half & Fill ISI Mark 24 Nos
Threading Machine up to 50 mm 03 Nos